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does my child need therapy? 

therapeutic support for marin children and their families 

therapy for teens and young adults

and support for their families
does my teen or Young Adult need therapy?

  • unusually sad, anxious, or irritable

  • self destructive behaviors

  • trauma, grief, or major loss

  • learning struggles

  • transition or adjustment difficulties

  • social challenges


how i can help


  • complimentary phone consultation

  • initial information gathering (intake) session with parent(s) and child (age dependent)

  • input from the teacher, doctor, and any other relevant professionals.

  • specializations include:

    • ADHD/ADD

    • anxiety/OCD

    • learning differences

    • stress management

    • adoption issues

    • fears and phobias

    • depression

    • behavior management

    • grief and loss

    • major life changes

    • anger management

    • social problems

    • eating issues


The treatment plan will meet treatment goals using the following therapies:

play therapy (age dependent)

I use different forms of therapeutic play and art with children to help them recognize and verbalize feelings and resolve or prevent psychosocial challenges.

cognitive behavioral therapy/ERP

I teach children that thoughts can cause feelings that influence 

behavior. I help children replace harmful thought patterns with adaptive ones.

family systems therapy

I work with different members of the family, or the entire family, to promote healthy communication patterns, provide support,

and educate.

psychodynamic therapy

I teach that emotional distress leads to internal psychic conflict which results in challenging symptoms. Children use a combination of play and talk depending on the child's age.

mindfulness therapy

I teach children a variety of techniques including meditation, visualization, and guided imagery, to help manage feelings and behaviors.


Individual teen or young adult sessions

I work alone with the client to facilitate awareness of feelings and behavior and develop more adaptive ways of managing both.

Individual parent sessions

I may meet separately with the parents as necessary. (age dependent)

Combined child/parent sessions

I may involve the parents (age dependent) every few sessions to share what the child has learned and how best to support this development at home and school. I may assign homework as needed.

Group therapy

I offer group therapy to provide support for parents in many areas of treatment.


I may refer families for additional support. This may include, and is not limited to:

  • medication evaluations 

  • psychoeducational evaluations

  • occupational therapists

  • learning and educational specialists

  • addiction counselors

  • psychiatric consultations

  • speech and language specialists

  • other therapists with specializations

  • individual or family therapy


I have strived to support children and families since 1993 when I began my MSW program. Interning at both the White House and the Child Welfare League of America, provided a unique national perspective on the struggles faced by children. As a clinical intern at Washington, DC's, Veteran's Hospital, 28-day inpatient substance abuse program, I witnessed firsthand how addiction scarred children and families.


After earning my MSW in 1995, I moved to California and received my LCSW in 2001. I worked for many years providing therapeutic support to children with special needs living with foster and adoptive families. I worked in bilingual and multicultural agencies, and agencies supporting LGBTQ adoptive families. I developed foster adoption programs in Northern and Southern California and served as Clinical Director for a child welfare agency. I provided parent trainings to support children with special needs. I provided therapeutic support to families and children impacted by the Santa Rosa fires. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy.

Equally important is my role as a mom of three. I love to be outside hiking, running, biking, and cross-country skiing, and spending as much time as possible with my family and my dog. I'm originally from the Northeast, and I enjoy time with family every summer on the East Coast.

professional affiliations include:

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

  • Children and Adults with ADHD (CHADD) 

  • Association for Play Therapy

  • Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation

  • Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)


  • Free 30-minute initial phone consult

  • Initial 80-minute assessment session, $400

  • Individual 50-minute sessions, $250

  • School meetings or meetings with other professionals, one hour fee (plus drive time)


Cash, check, or credit card payment due each session, and online pay is available. While I do not accept insurance, many PPOs provide mental health coverage, and I will provide a monthly superbill, upon request, to submit to your insurance company.

About Me
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